Workshop 1 :    Várjjat - where the land and ocean speak...

The workshop invites the participants to move through the land and seascape of Várjjat/Varanger, indigenous Sea Sámi land, - listening, sensing, being in the spring; the beginning of the year in Sámi tradition, at Biergi/Kiberg/Kiiperi (Norwegian Sápmi) with artist and composer Elin Már Øyen Vister.

Location: Biergi/Kiberg/ Kiiperi, Finnmark (NO)
Dates: Friday–Sunday, 18-20 May
Maximum 12 participants
Programme includes visits to Várjjat Sámi Musea/Varanger Sámi Museum, Ceavccageaðge/Mortensnes cultural heritage site, Ihkkot/Ekkerøy or Hornøya seabird mountains, and common listening sessions.
Invited artist & composer: Elin Már Øyen Vister
Invited performer & choreographer: Katarina Skar Lisa
Coordination: Nancy Couling & Atso Airola with Elin Már Øyen Vister

Workhop 2

Location: tbc (FI)
When: Autumn 2024
Details: tbc

Workhop 3

Location: tbc (SE)
Details: tbc